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smartpixel_s is a wordpress starter theme built for rapid wordpress theme development.

It’s built from the ground up, bringing together Underscores from wordpress core team and Foundation the advanced responsive framework from Zurb

It also makes use of some of the best tools for modern front-end workflow such as grunt, bower, and compass.

  1. Clean HTML5 Markup with aria, microformat and hcard.
  2. Uses Underscores starter theme file structure and templates.
  3. Styled using foundation framework from Zurb
  4. Equipped with modern front-end workflow tools
  5. Largely untouched underscores or foundation code.
  6. Neatly structured SCSS partials
  7. Preconfigured gruntfile.
  8. Compile SASS with Compass, now with live browser reload.
  9. Easy update of foundation and other assets managed through Bower.
Last Updated:
3.8 or higher
Compatible With:
Parent theme from automattic


Parent theme with right amount of lean, well-commented, modern, HTML5 templates from Automattic ( WordPress Core Team )



Responsive CSS framework using SASS. So your themes can be sematic, mobile first, flexible, and fast.



Grunt the web’s most popular JS task runner automates tasks such Copy, minify, compile and reload while developing themes with smartpixel_s



Manage all the 3rd party vendor scripts using Bower package manager ( Includes foundation )



CSS extension language of choice in modern workflow. Makes is it easy to organise and develop CSS



Design-agnostic CSS authoriting framework that bring clean and easy to use markup into design workflow.


Uses the latest HTML5 markup extended with Aria and Microformats. So your content is more accessible.

MIT License

Hosted on github with an opensource license. Fork or clone it to make it your own.


Simple, Clean & Robust. Extremely stable throughout our rigorous unit testing.

Is there a demo ?

No, there is no demo available because there is nothing to show.This is built to be a scaffolding for rapid development, so we made sure nothing gets in way of your designs.

Can we use it for commercial projects?


Does it require an attribution?

It’s released with MIT license and we would like to get mentioned in your work but we are not going to lose sleep over it. Basically,its upto your discretion.

How to get started on foundation ?

Foundation docs covers most aspects of using features of foundation but you do need some grasp of Sass.

Why use compass ?

It’s not mandatory to use compass. It was added to make CSS3 markups a bit easier.


Quick Start

Users with Github client can click on the “Clone In Desktop” or follow these simple steps

cd wprootdir/wp-content/themes/
git clone
mv smartpixl_s your-theme


Node.js & Ruby
You need to have Node.Js and Ruby installed to start with, ready-made installers are available for windows and linux.

Bower & Grunt
Install bower and grunt-cli globally with the following command

npm install -g bower grunt-cli

Grunt Dependencies

You would also need to install the following node modules to use the preconfigured Gruntfile.js.

npm install grunt-contrib-watch --save-dev
npm install grunt-contrib-compass --save-dev
npm install grunt-contrib-concat --save-dev
npm install grunt-contrib-copy --save-dev
npm install grunt-contrib-uglify --save-dev

Install compass globally with the following command

gem install compass

Get Started

Once you have everything setup its time to start you can start your work by use following command


If you want to compile using compass use command

compass compile

To poll for changes similar to grunt watch use command

compass watch