Smart Varnish For Joomla

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This plugin doesn’t install or configure varnish for you, what it will do is to set a cookie which could be used to bypass Varnish cache.

It basically is a simple plugin to bypass varnish caching for logged in users and serve uncached content. The plugin automatically creates a cookie “smart_varnish_bypass” when a user is logged in and removes it when the user is not logged in. By configuring varnish to check for the presence of the cookie during HTTP requests we can serve content with or without cache based on user logged-in state.

NOTE: This plugin requires knowledge of varnish caching and server administration, it will not work out of the box. We cannot guarantee it will work in every scenario and recommend usage with discretion.

Please follow the tutorial here.

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Joomla 2.5 or higher
Compatible With:
Joomla 2.5,Joomla 3.X

Is there a demo ?


Will it work automatically?

No, you need to add couple of lines of code to your varnish cache configuration files to make it work.

Can we help in installing the plugin on your server?

Yes we can get in touch

Does it comply with EU cookie policy?

Yes, you need to follow the policy as every WordPress website.


  1. Install Smart Varnish via Joomla extensions manager
  2. Once installed it can be found in the Plugins Manager classified as systems plugin
  3. Enable the Smart Varnish plugin.
  4. There are no settings. Make sure that you edit your varnish configurations files and restart varnish server.