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Smart Syntax plugin automatically detects fenced code blocks in your content or comments and adds syntax highlighting.

It’s built with Jetpack markdown in mind, which brings the power of markdown extra to WordPress and gives you an easy to use markdown syntax for fenced code blocks.


  1. Works out of the box with default markdown extra (Jetpack) fenced code block syntax.
  2. Doesn’t alter your content.
  3. Loads Prettify JS & CSS only when its required by checking for usage of fenced code blocks within content.
  4. Option to choose source of prettify.js. Load from google respository or local.
  5. Automatic detection of languages.
  6. Wide support for most of the popular languages like C#, bash, PHP, JS etc.
  7. Extremely lightweight.
  8. Includes a custom prettify skin.
  9. Wide cross-browser support.
  10. Used by &
  11. Well documented and easy to use API for extending onload handlers.


  • PHP
echo 'Hello World!';
  • C#
partial void Meh() {
    IDisposable foo = (IDisposable)foo as ICloneable;
    var lame = typeof(IDisposable);
  • SASS
@function convert-to-rem($value, $base-value: $rem-base)  {
$value: strip-unit($value) / strip-unit($base-value) * 1rem;
@if ($value == 0rem) { $value: 0; } // Turn 0rem into 0
@return $value;
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3.8 or higher
Compatible With:

I don’t use Jetpack markdown?

Jetpack markdown is not a necessity. You can add syntax highlighting for fenced code blocks in the following format

<pre><code class="html"> echo 'Hello World!'; </code></pre>

How do I get support ?

Please use the support forum for support.

What is the jetpack markdown syntax for fenced code blocks ?

#smart-syntax {
color: #6ada55;
  1. Install Smart Syntax either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server
  2. Activate Smart Syntax through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.You will now see ‘Smart Syntax’ menu in admin sidebar.
  3. You can leave the default settings as it is or change according to your needs.
  4. Boom! Your code is now highlighted.