SmartIcons for WordPress

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Create visual content that captures audience

Add High DPI, Ultra HD friendly, Scalable Vector Icons to WordPress content in seconds.

As of now this is the only plugin that not only allows use of 100’s of icons instantly but also to create your own library of icons using icomoon or flaticon icon libraries but don’t take our word for it. Have a look.


  • Easy to use, no fuzz UI
  • Custom shortcode, the default shortcode is [smarticon] but you can customise it to your own [fonticon] etc.
  • Options to load fonts from CDN
  • Animation and CSS effects like radius and shadow to customize the icons.
  • Supports for last two versions of all the major browsers
  • 4K display friendly
  • High DPI, Scalable icons that looks great on any screen size.
  • Doesn’t dependent on TinyMCE 4 editor API, use any editor of your choice.
  • Import icons from icon libraries
  • Safely store your icon libraries on external sources
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Icon libraries allows you to choose specific icons from various projects such as FontAwesome, Zurb Foundation, Entypo, wpzoom, Fifty Shades of Icons create modular icons packs that are totally unique and suited to your needs.

4K Friendly

Resolution and size independent, they look crisp and clear in any display


Use regular CSS to customise them the way you want.Improve your websites performances immensely if you don’t need it don’t load it. import 100’s more from two of the largest vector icons libaries flaticons and icomoon.

Auto Updates

Automatic plugin updates so you are always using the most secure and new version


Addons will be made available that could extend the usage of icons. Example add icons to menus

Icon Search

Don’t have to scroll through your icons just search them.

Simple UI

Extremely simple user interface designed to minimise learning curve and start creating awesome content


Designed from the ground up to be as light on resources as possible.


Small filesize, browser cache and just needs a single HTTP request.

Is there a demo ?

Yes, please click here.

Can I change imported icon packs?

Yes, use the delete option to delete old pack and use icon libraries in icomoon and flaticon to create new icon packs.

Can we use these icons on commercial projects?

The plugin comes with Font Awesome which is released under a license that allows commercial usage. Icons are also free for commercial use but just make sure they have creative commons 3.0 license before you import.

How to do I use the plugin ?

Please click on the Installation tab above to see instructional video.


Installing the plugin is really simple.
1. Download the plugin and get the license key from your account page.
2. Upload the plugin and install plugin in your wordpress admin.
3. Once the plugin has been activated enter the ‘License Key’ and your are done!

To know how to install , configure and use the plugin please follow this instructional video

Icon Import Process

  1. Download icon pack
  2. Upload the icon pack using the upload button
  3. Save the changes
  4. Import the icon pack using the import button
  5. Use the On/Off button to turn On/Off the icon pack.